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Some our best-produced ideas are automated code-conversion and code-migration services through a pioneering technology of "Intentional Compilation". ReInvent Innovation helps its customers convert source code from one language to another instantly.

what we innovate

how can a Java to C compiler help you?

I3J2C is an intelligent Java to C compiler that utilizes the technology of Intentional Compilation. I3J2C products very small footprint of C output and provides an ideal platform for utilizing the power of Java for enabling rapid development of embedded applications and yet attain the run-time efficiency of C.

A specialized version of I3J2C converts J2ME applications to the BREW platform.

how can a C to Java compiler help you?

I3C2J is an intelligent C to Java compiler that utilizes the technology of Intentional Compilation to convert legacy C applications to Java. The output of I3C2J contains rich object-orientedness of the Java programming language and is a useful tool for modernization of legacy applications.

what is our foundation


We not only do innovation ourselves and train you in innovating, but we can assist you in creating innovative designs and implementations. We have the expertise and experience in providing simple, elegant design solutions to challenging problems. We can assist your development teams with the nastiest programming problems with ease. We can provide design and architecture consultancy to challenging problems. We serve as a one-stop shop for providing innovative ideas and solutions to all your problems related to software development. Some of the things that you can count on us are:

Providing technical expertise in a number of technical domains: Compilers, Code / Data migration, Program Optimization / Efficiency, Efficient Bug-fixing, J2EE, Networking, Mobile Applications, Web Applications.

Providing innovative solutions and algorithms to any of your challenging problems.

Creating architecture and design for software systems.

what is Intentional Compilation?

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